Who We Are

Enjoy Fitness is 100% South Australian. Family run and owned it’s the BIG gym alternative to fitness classes you’ve been looking for!


Established in 2006, Enjoy Fitness has a simple ethos: To provide life-changing fitness experiences in an inclusive fitness environment.

To eliminate the gym culture we’ve simply “ditched” the gym. At Enjoy Fitness you will not find treadmills or weights machines! There are no egos, no fashion codes and no divas. Just the best group fitness classes! Everyone feels welcome and so will you!

Enjoy Fitness is passionate about providing inspiring, motivating and totally addictive  fitness workouts that get maximum results. We also know that sometimes a little individual attention is what you need with our small group training. No fitness or group fitness experience is needed to do our workouts. At Enjoy Fitness we’ll help you achieve your goals – whatever they may be!

It’s all part of helping you Enjoy Fitness.